Tiny Little Melanie Keeps Jerking It Off

Tiny little thing (she is only 4'9"), Melanie, is brand new to the video. A little shy but that is entirely okay. She is in good hands after all. Although she is not very talkative, over time, when she relaxes her body and mind, Melanie likes to become dominant. And that is precisely what you want when it comes to stroking cock. You want her to be in control, jerking you off like there would be no tomorrow. This POV handjob by Melanie is exactly like described. Mind-bending if you will. The fact of the matter is that Melanie is so good at giving handjob she does not even notice you shower her body with cum. How did that feel? Those last strokes make ballsack fill with semen and when the point of no return hits, you unload it all over Melanie's body. Indeed, she sure does like it that way.