Cash strapped sluts padding their pockets in a down economy by answering a classified ad in search of "hand models." They only get paid after giving a nut busting handjob!
In a down economy folks are desperate to pay rent and will do ANYTHING for a few extra bucks. We put an ad in the classifieds to see just how desperate people were. The cash craving cuties we found had no idea what they were getting themselves into when they answered our ads for "hand models!" Shy and nervous at first, each and every one of these aspiring hand models loosened up after cash was flashed in front of their faces. Giving a handjob to a complete stranger didn't seem all that bad as long as it covered the bills! Stroll through Strictly Hands to see just how much these sluts love jerking cock when it keeps their ass off the streets.
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Aimee Addison

Aimee Addison is a softcore model that I've known for years, she's shot for all of the big time softcore sites and refused to do anything close to hardcore. But finally the day has come, Aimee is ready to shoot hardcore! She gave me a call and said she wanted to start out with a handjob. I've always had a thing for Aimee and her big tits so I couldn't wait to bust my nut all over those fun bags. For it being Aimee's first attempt at cock on camera she did an amazing job. I have a feeling I'll be seeing her again soon!
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Sammie Spades

A quick glance at Sammie Spades and the eyes drift straight to the tits. Sorry Sammie! No I'm not, Sammie loves the attention. She is an "exotic dancer" in Vegas and added the tits to keep the "men-folk" happy, I can't complain. Sammie insisted on shooting this handjob with her boyfriend only so he was given a quick crash course in camera operating and then they got down to business. Sammie must give a lot of handjobs at home because she knocked it out of the park with this scene... the titty fucking took the cake.
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Katie Cummings

Katie Cummings is insanely hot and I couldn't wait to get her soft hands wrapped around my cock. Katie had the body of one of those beach babes from high school that you could only dream of because they would NEVER talk to you. Enormous tits, all-natural, perfect round ass that made a great target for spanking and a beautiful smile that just screamed "give me cock!" She wrapped those long fingers around my shaft and started pumping, it was hard to hold back but when I finally did I shot a sticky load all over her massive tits. Mmm... a handjob I will never forget.
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Daisy Darling

Daisy Darling is a cute college coed... no, seriously... that likes to have a good time and show off her extracurricular "skills". She wore a cute little miniskirt but to be honest that did not stay on long at all. Daisy wanted to have a little fun before demonstrating her handy work so she did a little striptease and gently rubbed her pussy to get it nice and wet. Once horny and hungry Daisy was ready to perform and she grabbed cock and performed with vigor. Oh Daisy was rewarded for her hard work... a nice yummy shot of sticky cum.
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There was something about Jenn that really made this an awesome shoot. Maybe her never-ending enthusiasm about getting a nut blast to the face? I don't know... but this was one of my favorite handjobs in a long time. Jenn was so horny and ready to jerk cock that I could hardly contain her. All throughout the interview I could see her itching to get to my cock. I figured what the hell, I'd cut the interview short and let her jerk my chain. Mmm she did such a good job... I may invite her back.
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